Sunday, 8 January 2017

Mastering The Art

The decision has been made. It's time to get the song History properly released and see if it can sell enough to fund the completion of the album. Given that most people who hear it think it's a great song and that some of those absolutely love it, there's no reason it couldn't sell well if it only had the exposure it needed.

I've got a good mix of the recording I did a few years ago. The first thing now is to

get the song properly mastered. Unfortunately is seems most mastering studios are closed between Christmas and New Year. Eventually I find Red Mastering to do the job.

The next thing to do is get the video finished properly. Looking at the last edit I did I feel it really needs something to raise it up to a more professional looking product. There is still a lot of footage from the original shoot that I didn't use and looking through it I realise some of it actually quite good and should be used.

I now have the use of a good quality camera (through work) that can do time lapse photography, so I decide to go and get interesting footage of clocks which I can run backwards. I decide Big Ben would be good, given it's famous iconic status and also being not to far to reach and also the clock on top of Maple Lodge in the Hamptons, Worcester Park, given it's an area I know well and would like to feature. I organise myself to get there before dusk and dawn respectively and set up. Given the time of year is just after the winter solstice it makes the timing of dusk and dawn quite extreme and also could be confused with each other (seeing as the actual time can be clearly seen) in other months - especially as the footage will be reversed in the final edit. I also get similar footage of my kitchen clock to use possibly as an effect somehow.

Now comes the re editing. Much work to do...