Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Tuning Up For Some TV Spots

Last Wednesday I met up with Matt Connolly, the TV promoter who runs the promotions business Stay Tuned. Having contacted a number of people to try to promote the History video, he was the only one who got back to me.

Having spent some money getting it through the official channels into the various Music TV channels, I was now after someone who could get it in front video programmers at these channels and schedule some air play for it. Matt loved the song and thought the video and song were likely good enough to go to air.

The bonus was that he thought he might be able to get me some live music spots on some of the tv shows that feature live music - Andrew Marr show, Later with Jools Holland etc. However this meant I had to have a band up and ready.

This meant a change of plan. It had been all about getting the video promoted by itself and use the exposure to generate enough interest and sales of the History single to finish and release the album while putting a band together whose calibre would reflect the level of exposure we were getting. However I now needed to put together a band immediately, with only the promise of such exposure. I figured the best place to start was with those who had played on the recording. I had already approached a couple of people who showed various level of interest but the sort of people I wanted were professional musicians and would need to paid - and I didn't have any musch in the way of spare cash.

Matt was keen to start however it meant doing promotion while I was away in Australia. I agreed provided he was prepared to put certain things off until I got back, which he was happy to do.

I had by now built up a list of session musicians who could effectively turn up and play a few songs with only one or two rehearsals. As most TV spots would pay us to play I figured that if Matt had any luck getting us a spot, I'd be able to cover the musician's 'wages' and any shortfall would be covered by the increase sales of History due to the increased exposure.

In the meanwhile I was organising a bit of promotion in Australia and would look to solidify a more permanent band solution after getting back.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Making History

The History video is finally finished. Here it is...

Luckily while looking for music distributors to get the song out to radio stations I had come across the video distribution company Fastrax and decided to use them to get the video out to the various music video stations. These things have to be done in a formal way - you can't just drop of video DVDs with the tv stations and hope for the best!

Given that it was unlikely anyone would air the video without a bit of encouragement, I asked James, the chap who I dealt with at Fastrax if there was anyone he knew who might be able to help promote the video to the stations we were distributing it to.

He gave me a list of 5 video promoters. I emailed them all and I heard back from just one of them. Matt Connolly from Stay Tuned, loves the song and wants to get involved...