Thursday, 4 May 2017

Radio Friendly

Having released History as a single and video, it was important to get a bit of promotion done. I figured that as I was going to be in Australia, it would be a good opportunity try doing a bit of radio promotion there.

Back in March I approached a few promotions companies and found one based in Melbourne (my preferred base) that wanted to work with me. (The funny thing about this sort of promotion is that even though I am paying them to do the work, as their reputation relies heavily of the sorts of artists of products they promote, they wont work with just anyone. They have to believe there is genuine potential in the product  so they don't have egg on their faces promoting a dud product.)

They organised a heap of radio spots for me. I ended up visiting several radio stations in Melbourne and with a schedule to be phoned up by dosens of others for a series of 15 or so minute radio interviews. Each one meant getting History played on air and a whole lot more people hearing the song. There were many small community stations but some had a listening audience of six figures! Either way each one was worth it because the more people who heard the song the better.

A rather good one was with an old friend, Simon Owens who co-hosts the nightline show with Philip Brady on 3AW. I took the guitar in a played a little bit of 'Slave To You' live as well as them playing a good chuck of History on air.

Meanwhile Matt Connolly was busy promoting the video back in the UK.

This was all disrupted by the announcement of a UK general election in June. Matt told me that the producer of the Andrew Marr show loved the song but that now he had to focus of the political fallout from the election rather than worrying about promoting new artists. It was more or less the same across the board.

When I got back to the UK everyone was in election mode and no one was particularly interested in promoting a new artist. The whole thing ground to a halt.