Saturday, 1 July 2017

Picking Up Again

The election is over and I've started looking for musicians again to try to get this band thing happening. I have been in contact with a few people I've worked with before but none are able to commit to anything. I have at least got a list of names though of reliable session players.

The question is: Do I put together a session band where everyone is professional but will need to be paid for every rehearsal, or do I put together 'normal band' of keen competent musicians happy to volunteer their time for a common cause?

I decide to speak with people on my list. These are the professionals and if nothing else they might be able to offer advice in addition to possibly playing in the band.

I spoke to a bunch of great musicians - evident from you tube videos as well as amazing lists of who they've played. They included:
Gareth Brown - Drums
Dan Ezard - Bass
Andy Carr  - Bass
John McKenzie - Bass
Richard Coughlan - Bass
Joe Wright - Keys
Sam Grimley – Guitar / Keys

In some cases these were recommended by others on the list. In most cases they were interested to hear the music. In many cases after hearing it they were keen to be part of it. Also in most cases they were quite busy touring/working/recording with other projects and weren't available right away.

I realised that these guys could turn up and play with a minimum of rehearsing and that if push came to shove and I had to put a group together at short notice, I could do so using these or similar people but it wouldn't be like a normal band as I have always known it.

I decided to keep these people in mind but try to put a group together in the meanwhile that I could rehearse and jam with regularly without having to fork out huge sums every time I wanted to get everyone together.

However having a group of dep musicians ready to go as well could prove useful and it might be an idea to have one or two people lines up for each position allowing for things to be a bit fluid if necessary - especially if people have other commitments too.

It was time to start advertising on the many and various musician websites...