Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Revolving Door

With Lorne now playing lead guitar the ad for another bass player was answered reasonably quickly. A few possibles were whittled down to one chap who I went to visit. Marcel was obviously a good bass player. He had a music degree for which he had studied bass guitar however my experience was that this didn't always mean a great musician.

Marcel tended to specialise in funk and soul but was just as able to thump out a straight rock bass line. Crucially he really got the groove of both History and Slave To You and was able to really make them rock like the original recordings did. Yes he was actually good.

For a short while there it seemed we finally had our five piece line up but nothing ever quite goes to plan. Within days of Marcel joining the band Lorne had taken on a day job sorting out a restaurant who's head chef had just walked out (Lorne happens also to be a top chef) and in an email to me he wrote:
"In terms of band I don’t think I am going to be able to commit to it anymore as my role here as head chef is getting bigger every week (including developing the menus for the other three partner courses and introduction of night Golf!)"
So we lost Lorne just as we'd gained Marcel.

It was sad to lose Lorne who had been a great person to have around and a pretty decent musician too. However it was better to lose him and find a replacement now before we'd started gigging than after taking on serious commitments that we needed to stand by.

So it was back to advertising for a lead guitarist again, and for me to try to cover for it in the meanwhile.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

A Wasted Talent

Part of the process of marketing a new band is getting a website together, writing the bios etc. This has caused me to look back at some of the previous work I did.

A while back I produced an album for a chap called Brad Walker. A couple of years later he played keys on some of my stuff and helped me produce a bunch of my own songs. I recently found myself dusting off and listening back to this album of his that we did together.

Brad Walker's Album, The Man Enclosed is a Smaller Gift
What stands out now is that this album has stood the test of time. I thought it sounded absolutely great at the time. We were so proud of it but on hearing it again, now after a few years, I really think we put together an absolute giant of a record.

At the time we managed to get quite a lot of airplay on a bunch of radio stations in Europe. We made album of the week on a few stations scattered around the UK but being an independent release we didn't have the resources or expertise to push it to the next step.

We only pressed 500 copies of the album and most of those were distributed to radio stations, the band, family and friends, a few record companies and a few other people in the music industry.

I find it astonishing that record companies weren't breaking down the door to sign this guy, but they weren't. Despite his obvious talent, a great record and the brilliant response from the small corner of the broadcasting industry we had managed to reach, silence from the people who could take it further. How good do you have to be?

A few tracks have been put on on Youtube now. They are probably the only place you can now listen to this any of this masterpiece. The song that most radio stations picked up on first was the opening track, "Song For Ankie", however the title track, "The Man Enclosed is a Smaller Gift" was always my favourite - although I am perhaps a bit biased as I played 5 of the 9 guitar tracks on it!

I have not spoken with Brad in a while. I understand he's had some tough times and is now working as an artist and painter in Melbourne.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Website Launched

The Simon Densley Music website
For a while we've been using this blog site as our temporary official website but no more! Our proper website launches today. (Cue appropriate fanfare).

No more reluctance to give out the website address. We now have a site that proudly shows people who we are and what we are about. Result!

There are details up upcoming gigs as well as information about the band and music, videos/images etc - everything you could want from a band website.

Pay it a visit if you haven't already... www.simondensleymusic.org

There is still information about Simon and the band on this blog but the more detailed stuff will always be found on the main site.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Adding a String

The most recent ads for a lead guitarist turned up nothing. The one guy I went to see who was easily up to the task didn't show up at the first rehearsal and then when I phoned him said he couldn't commit due to his day job.

Lorne however, them offered himself. "I was always a shredder first", he said, "I moved to bass for McCree but would enjoy playing lead guitar again." He is a good enough musician and a decent enough guy that his assurance that he can play the necessary parts is good enough for me.

Knowing Lorne can play either part does make finding the fifth member easier given I can take on a bass player or lead guitarist. I decide to advertise primarily for another bass player. We really need someone who can learn the parts and be up to speed in a few weeks - at least with half a dozen songs, because that's when we're planning to start playing gigs. The first responses have started to roll in...

Meanwhile Lorne should be dusting of his six string and putting his 5 string to one side...