Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Deep End Of The Thames

After a good rehearsal on Monday the four of us (unfortunately our new keyboard player, Joe couldn't join us due to an emergency) feel that we are just about ready for some serious gigs. Ideally we'd do a few more warm up gigs first and have started putting feelers out to see what's available. Even more ideally we'd have a rehearsal which includes Joe before playing in front of a proper live audience.

All that trepidation got pushed out the window yesterday when a message from Mike revealed he had got us a gig in London for this coming Sunday. It's on The Tattershall Castle, a boat moored on the Thames just near Embankment tube. I was really up for it and so was everyone else. The only problem was that Paige is scheduled to be in Hastings doing a BBC introducing gig until 7:30pm and Mark, the promoter had put us down to start at 7:30.

I contacted Mark directly and explained the situation. He had seen the live videos and was really keen to have us play and agreed to move us to the headline spot at 10pm. Just enough time to get Paige up to London in time for the gig - and without a sound check.

The other slight issue is that our new keyboard player has never played with the other four of us as a group before and had only rehearsed with Paige and me once before, prior to major changes to the line-up and some of the songs. He is however pretty confident he can do it, and actually I am too - given that at the first rehearsal he came to he had learnt all the material and played it pretty much perfectly right the way through. I sent him details of changes that have been made and links to us playing the songs live on video.

So first proper gig: rushing to get there on time, unrehearsed with one member and no sound check. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. We're jumping straight in the deep end. But I know these guys can pull it off and make it work well. That's why I like working with good musicians.