Friday, 12 October 2018

Taking Over Glen Campbell

A few months back I was asked to audition for the role of Glen Campbell in a tribute stage show. The organisers originally approached Mike as they already knew him and the role required a guitar player but Mike said he wouldn't be able to sing the part and suggested me instead.

The only Glen Campbell song I knew was Rhinestone Cowboy so I learned to play it and sent them an audition video (see below). A few days later I'd landed the role!

I have been learning around 28 songs for the production and have come to admire the man himself having found quite a lot out about his life and legacy. He recorded over 70 albums so 28 songs is a tiny fraction of his work.

The other musicians already involved are involved in other projects too and two have had to pull out due to conflicting commitments. Soon after I joined the show the bass player had to go. They asked if anyone knew a good bass player so naturally I recommended Bora, who happily came on board.

More recently the keyboard player dropped out and so Bora and I suggested Gary, who also agreed to the gig.

That means three out of the six musicians doing the show are now Denzeity musicians. It's good for me as I'm used to working with these guys. If anyone else drops out though we could end up taking over the show! Although it's unlikely as the other guys seem pretty solid.

It should be a really good show and if you want to come and see it, it's at the Epstine Theatre in Liverpool on Thursday 29th November. For more details and to book tickets click here!

Update 4th November 2018

I've just spend most of today rehearsing with the 'Glen Campbell Band'. We were up in Milton Keynes (as that was the most central place for all 6 of us in the band) making a 6 hour rehearsal into a 14 hour day once transport is taken into account.

The rehearsal itself went really well. For a first rehearsal, the songs basically came together really quickly and really well. Amy, Chris and Colin, who were part of the show before Bora, Gary and I arrived, all seemed quite pleased with how everything was sounding.

A couple more rehearsals and the whole thing should be sounding really tight. Looking forward to the 29th!