Saturday, 24 November 2018

Cover Girl

Denzeity playing at the Castle, North Acton

The other night we played a charity gig at The Castle in North Acton. Despite a few setbacks we managed to pull off a really great gig. We had a bunch of people dancing at the front and other people spotted trying to leave but hanging just inside the door until we'd finished playing. And we were persuaded to do an encore - not bad for a half hour set! (Thanks @georgepitt_ for the photos...)

Simon Denzley playing guitar and singing with DenzeityMike had an emergency dental issue at the last minute so we had to go on as a four piece with Gary and I (mostly Gary) covering Mike's lead guitar riffs and solos as best we could.

Ellie Daymond on the front cover of Rhythm magazinePaige was also not available for this night so we had Ellie Daymond covering for her as our drummer for the night. We'd only managed one rehearsal with her and that was with just Bora and me so this was the first time she'd even met Gary! However she was true to form and played really well. So a great night in spite of the problems!

A few days later Ellie's Facebook page was promoting her featuring on the front cover of Rhythm Magazine! I thought this was very cool - (even if it was just a mock up they were doing for every drummer who chose to pose for them at the Drum Show).

So thanks Ellie - this one's for you!