Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Mersey Side Project

Mock up of the program for
Rhinestone Cowboy - The Glen Campbell Show
Tomorrow's the day! Three members of Denzeity join Amy Westney, Colin Garrett and Chris Loach in Liverpool to put on the show: "Rhinestone Cowboy - The Glen Campbell Story".

If you thought Glen Campbell is pretty far removed from the music of Denzeity you'd be thinking pretty much what I thought when it was first suggested I audition for the part of Glen. So why are we doing it?, I hear you ask...

Well the first thing I realised when I went through the Spotify list of songs we're performing is that Glen Campbell did a huge range of stuff. People often think of the song 'Rhinestone Cowboy' when they think of Glen Campbell and if they're not really into that song, might see little reason to explore his other work. I am a little guilty of that and that's one reason I'm so glad I took on this role.

He did a cover of the Foo Fighters, Time Like These, and even for a rock fan like me, in some ways I prefer Glen's version. Once you get used to hearing it without expecting Dave Grohl's version, it's a really good take on the song. I also had a bunch of, 'I didn't know Glen Campbell sang that' moments! Songs like 'Dream Lover', 'MacArthur Park' and 'Southern Nights' were all him!

Additionally I discovered a whole bunch of new songs that I really love - and may end up covering a few myself with Denzeity at some stage. Songs like 'Highwayman', 'Ghost On The Canvas' and even 'Turn Around, Look At Me' which has grown on me since I first thought what an odd set of chord changes. It reminded me of the old big band style a bit, which actually Glen did quite a bit of, and what is great for me is that I have come to understand that style of music so much better. That's not to say I'm going to do an album of big band music, just that I've seen a new set a ways that chords and melody can flow and work really well. And actually the song Rhinestone Cowboy has grown on me as well!

The vocal style is quite different to what I usually do and requires quite a bit more proper singing technique. It was odd to hear both Gary and Bora say, "I didn't know you could sing like that!"

So tomorrow morning it's an early start. I've got to be at Upminster tube station at 8am to be picked up for the road trip to Liverpool. It's going to be long day but we're all buzzing and ready to put this show on. It's going to be a great night! And - there are still one or two good seats available if you want to come along - but quite a few of them have gone since yesterday so book quickly!

There's even talk of taking it to a few other theatres around the country so watch this space... but don't worry - the rock will continue with Denzeity soon enough - in fact there's a gig in a couple of week's time at the Cafe 1001 on Brick Lane - Friday the 14th December to be exact... Hope to see you at at least one of these events!