Saturday, 1 December 2018

1001 Promo Film Shoots

One of the industry people who has long championed our music is TV video plugger/promoter Matt Connolly. He recently took our History self made music video round to music TV stations and had a great response to the song but that the video itself wasn't polished enough for broadcast.

So he is helping us to do something about it by putting together a promotional live video of us, filmed (mostly) at our upcoming gig at Café 1001 on Friday 14th December.

Matt knows what he is doing. He has worked with numerous big names including the Buzzcocks, Marilyn Manson, East 17, Pop Will Eat Itself, Marianne Faithfull, The Charlatans, The Prodigy, The Cult and Katie Melua - just to name a few... And like all serious promoters, to protect his reputation he only takes on acts that he believes have what it takes to make it.

He has seen us play live several times and said that our live energy and quirky stage presence is just as worth showing off as our songs and musicianship. I'm happy with that!

Given it's being shot in a venue on Brick Lane on a Friday night close to Christmas there's sure to be a good crowd anyway - however for the sake of the video we'd like it packed with enthusiastic people! So if you're not averse to popping up in a music video and want to see a great show and join the Christmas party it would normally be £10 on the door but we've got tickets for just £8. See our ticket shop for details! We only have a limited number though so do it now!